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New Interview With The Eggs Podcast

Here’s another podcast interview, Ladies and Gentlemen! The Eggs Podcast asked me to be on and we had a good ol’ time chatting it up. We talk process, the life and times of client relationships, designing for some of the best known names in the business including Guns N’ Roses and Harley-Davidson, and even discuss something […]

4 Reasons To Have An Email List

Everyday you open up your e-mail and you probably receive a bunch of e-mails some that important and others that may not be so much, but you signed up to that e-mail list at some point. While it can be annoying where you just click unsubscribe and hit delete or maybe you have a separate […]

10 Do’s when starting a brand

When building a brand there are a couple things to consider when entering the entrepreneurial world. Having experience working with t-shirt brands, especially when Branded Baron was heavily focused on that there are tips picked up. While these may focus primarily in the apparel market, some of these tips are useful for whatever industry you […]

Friendly Reminder: Always Give Your Best

No one likes mediocrity. Let me state that again, No one likes mediocrity, which is a reason why you should always give your best. Recently, I was brutally reminded of that lesson on a recent project and the final result left a bad taste in my mouth. I was asked to create branding for an […]

Creative South 2017 Recap

Creative South came and went. While the air travel caused headaches for many and where I almost did not make it to the design conference when I did arrive, boy I had a blast! Catching up with friends, meeting new ones, talking nonsense as well as talking shop. The memories I had are mine to […]

He crashed my drone

Back in November I went shooting with Iquan Worthington of the Artoholiks. We shot video and photos with a branded content concept in mind. I don’t want to ruin it, but you can take a look at the whole vlog above. If you saw my instagram, you saw some videos taken from that day. You’ll […]