Birds of A Feather Art Show Recap

This past Saturday I headed to the Jersey City after selling at Cougar Comic Con in Maplewood earlier for the Birds of Feather Art show. This exhibition at the Grassroots Community Space displayed a variety of paintings and photographs from the artist Serringe. I got to know Serringe when he carried my Branded Baron apparel at […]

The Street Art of Hyde and Seek

When people think “street art”, they normally think of the popular spray can display of graffiti. The Australian duo Hyde & Seek like to combine everyday objects like cups, metal sheets, army men, and even toast, into large works of art. Their work speaks to the individuals passing by their art. They focuse on the […]

Wooden renaissance-style sculptures by Manolo Garcia

Manolo Garcia works out of his shop in Valencia, Spain, constructing sculptures of epic proportions fashioned after renaissance-era portraits, sculptures, and ornaments. Referred to by Garcia as “artistic carpentry”, the sculptures are built mainly using strips of wood layered upon large maquettes. Due to the sheer size of the pieces, the sculpture is made in multiple parts […]


Roberto Ferri is an Italian artist and painter from Taranto, who is deeply inspired by Baroque painters (Caravaggio in particular) and other old masters, the Academy, and Symbolism. Usually combining the beauty of naked bodies with a dark twisted surreal imagery his paintings gives the viewer an appreciation for these haunting fantasies. To view more of his […]