New Interview With The Eggs Podcast

Here’s another podcast interview, Ladies and Gentlemen! The Eggs Podcast asked me to be on and we had a good ol’ time chatting it up. We talk process, the life and times of client relationships, designing for some of the best known names in the business including Guns N’ Roses and Harley-Davidson, and even discuss something […]


No matter what you do you want to Stay Creative. Let the imagination out and flow with what comes to you. Everyone has creativity and it doesn’t necessarily mean you only showcase that with a brush and canvas, no, there’s ways you can express who you are. Now available are the Stay Creative t-shirts. My original […]

Comic Collection Available

POW! New Branded Baron goods are available. Comic books has been an influence in art and design and it was only a matter of time that there were Branded Baron products showing homage to them. The t-shirts in this collection are soft, bright, and bold. The art prints are small portraits of a couple of […]