Friendly Reminder: Always Give Your Best

No one likes mediocrity. Let me state that again, No one likes mediocrity, which is a reason why you should always give your best. Recently, I was brutally reminded of that lesson on a recent project and the final result left a bad taste in my mouth. I was asked to create branding for an […]

Creative South 2017 Recap

Creative South came and went. While the air travel caused headaches for many and where I almost did not make it to the design conference when I did arrive, boy I had a blast! Catching up with friends, meeting new ones, talking nonsense as well as talking shop. The memories I had are mine to […]

WMC Fest Recap

WMC Fest came and went back in the beginning of August. It was filled with joy, minor disappointment, inspiration, and motivation. It was great to see old faces and meet new ones. It is a conference that I like very much and think many creatives should attend. DAY 1 Early in the morning before any […]

What to expect from WMC Fest

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is near, ladies and gentlemen. This Cleveland creative conference is back for its 7th year and I have a feeling it’s going be better than last year. If you’re a creative and need some inspiration, new tricks, or just need to get away for some mental refuel then head over […]

Creative South Recap Part 3

The last day of Creative South was just as great as the previous ones. Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective opened up the talks. It was a good motivational speech. He had some points in his talk that I knew, but were great reminders. As I told him after his talk, it reminded me of a […]

Creative South Recap Part 2

 THE FIRST DAY OF SPEAKERS It was a beautiful sunny Friday morning and I was excited to listen to the speakers. Everything went down at the Spring Opera House and it is a very nice  and had that classic Old South old money vibe to it. Looking at the auditorium it definitely brought you back […]

Creative South Recap Part 1

Columbus, Georgia is the birthplace and mainstay for the Creative South conference where one gets to refuel their inspiration among like minded individuals. The beauty that is Creative South is one that you can only truly experience and appreciate in person, because it is for lack of a better word amazing. New friends were made. […]