INKtober and Drawlloween starts tomorrow!

inktober 2016

October 1st. A month of drawing that is dedicated to creating your illustrations and sketches in ink hence the name Inktober. Inktober 2016 is going to be a good one and if you search “inktober” on instagram or twitter you will see a lot of work to keep  you motivated to create. Since my recent mantra/slogan is “Stay Creative” that is exactly what I am going to do. I’m excited to get going on this, because I have sketchbook pages to fill and canvases to cover.

inktober 2016

I advise everyone to take part in it as it is fun and you get to draw what you want, not what your client wants. IF you do not know what to draw or you prefer a set theme, then check out the list of Drawlloween! Yes, we know at the end of the month is Halloween, so why not a set theme dedicated to that. I’m sure I will be stuck on something to draw and I’ll look at the date and see the topic that I will end up working on.


I believe exercises like this will motivate you to crank out some good work in a timely fashion. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to make something. Maybe I will. Who knows? Plus, how many people work in pen and ink or in markers all the time? Maybe you’ll take it a step further and tattoo someone. Use and check the hashtags #Inktober , #inktober2016 , & #drawlloween to share your work and see what everyone else created.

inktober 2016 prompt list

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