Luke Cage Illustration


Luke Cage aka Power Man has been all the rage lately. The Netflix series has introduced another superhero from the Marvel Universe to the tv screen and it is certainly a hit. From the music to the cool character played by Mike Colter Luke Cage has brought life to a hero that struggled with selling comics back in the 70’s/80’s.

I enjoyed the show and liked that it referenced his old school style on the show, but I decided to use the more modern look for my take on Luke Cage.

hero for hire sketch joe baron

As always, I sketch out an idea before I begin. This was the initial concept, before changing it up on while working on the computer.


The face is usually what I like to illustrate first as it will give the expression of the rest of the composition.


I worked on the body, adding details such as highlights and shadows. I eventually added bullets and background until I was satisfied with the overall piece.


I went with a different set of color backgrounds and decided that the neutral gray would make the gold and brown standout.  The entire illustration was completed in Adobe Illustrator.

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