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Bluu Dreams Look Book Photography

I enjoy photography and shooting when I can. I make an effort to try to learn from other photographers whom I’m friends with, that I’ve worked with on photo shoots or taken classes to step up my knowledge.  I was pleased to have worked with Andy Munro for his clothing brand’s look book for his winter collection entitled “Blizzard Beach”. I know he was a bit on a tight schedule with releasing that line and setting up his pop up shop for the holiday season, so this shoot had to be done quickly. We scheduled a Sunday afternoon where I stated that I wanted to shoot during the Golden hour(usually the hour before the sunset providing a great light source from the sun).


When shooting a look book you want to represent the lifestyle of the brand, I wrote an article withtips on how to create a look book which you can read here. I knew the theme was Blizzard Beach and unfortunately there was no snow in New York, so we had to make due with a location that could provide that winter feel. I would have loved to have gone to a ski resort and shoot, but due time constraints on having this ready for its soon to be released date it was not possible. I worked with the Bluu Dreams model Terrell to bring this cool fresh vibe and switched with my Canon 18-135mm lense and my Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lense. Photography shoots should be fun, but I got caught up and we had to race towards the sun to get the natural light that I wanted. Eventually I did have to take out my speedlite to help provide me with some light when it got too dark.


Once the shoot was done, I went back to edit the photos and sent over a solid amount shots to Andy. I had a vision for how I wanted to shoot, once he saw the first couple of shots he was more confident with how everything was going to be, and when I sent him the edited photos he was even happier and knew his choice to have me shoot was a smart one.

Here are a couple of the photos and you can see the ones chosen for Bluu Dreams if click here to see the Blizzard Beach look book.

bluu dreams-blizzard beach
bluu dreams- look book photography
Bluu Dreams look book photography
bluu dreams look book photorgaphy-
bluu dreams look book
bluu dreams hats
bluu dreams - blizzard beach look book
bluu dreams blizzard beach