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Flyer Designs

Flyers advertise about the company or part of the company's services. Below are a couple of flyer designs that were created for a variety of businesses.

MMA Fit-Nomad Kali

This martial arts program wanted to print postcard size flyers to promote their fitness and Filipino weaponry program. This flyer is dynamic and informative. It listed the most commonly asked questions as well showing various images of the class provided.

Blue Entertainment

This design was created for entertainment company's anniversary party. With the name Blue, I decided to provide the flyer with various shades of blue splatter that stood out on a white background, but was different than any other club flyer.


Best Event Products

This is a custom decorator of dinnerware for the hospitality and rental industry that was promoting two of their specific styles of glassware. This was used in flyers and promoted in the company's e-mail blast.


Beyond Stainless

Beyond Stainless is a company that specifically works in the restaurant industry providing custom counters, metal work, and more for restaurant kitchens. The list of services and pictures is what was provided and wanted to show. The yellow text was meant to stand out on the dark blue background to grab the reader's attention. This design was used as a printed flyer and e-mail blasts to prospective clients.


The F.A.R. Collective

Art and Fashion blog The F.A.R. Collective create postcard flyers to provide to the audience with some information on the site. This site provides information on streetwear, various forms of art, reviews of items, and useful resources for those interested in starting a brand.