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Logo Design is important for every company as it is the face of the business. The initial impression of a company logo should look professional and make prospect client or consumer confident going to your business. By taking an artistic approach through brand development each company will receive an amazing design that is carefully tailored to stand out.

Here are a logos created for businesses in various industries.


Logo for an Emmy award winning video post production company Attitude, Inc.


The DUI-REP logo was created for a company that specialized in protecting and improving a person's reputation after a DUI. I used swerved lines in the logo to indicate a driver swerving while intoxicated and used the diamond to make this logo similar to a street sign.


This logo was created for an electronics store. The thumbs up represents great deals and the font, lightning bolt symbolizes the electronics.


This logo was designed for an office products company. They wanted a clean design with a bit a flash, which was shown with the red zig zag line.


This is the primary and secondary logo for the new artist collective Proud Circus. As you can see I used a large circus tent and font for their primary logo to show the "proud" and "circus" that is in the name. Since this organization contains a bunch of artists, I wanted to use a splatter to represent the artists.


Comic book writer Dennis Knight needed a logo to for his comic book media entertainment company. I decided to use the chess piece of a knight and put it underneath a moon to represent its name. The client wanted the color scheme to be black and blue, so I added the colors where it would compliment each other and stand out.


This logo created as a fruit juice company was commissioned by Attitude, Inc. to use as a sample logo for a TV reel to showcase to one of their major clients for a project they were pitching.


Rough edges and a funky font was used to next to the old school microphone for this comedic podcast logo.


This was a logo graphic that was used for the rock band Mother and used on various promo products such as guitar picks and t-shirts.