Sun Dude and Water Chick Illustration

My recent illustration “Sun dude and Water chick part 2” was project that I wanted to create for awhile and I finally did it . I took the concept from a former friend of mine who created the original version of this concept and while her version did not have them, I always thought this was the sad happy ending these characters should have. The title of this piece was what we referred to the two of them and no good name popped up, but I think it is rather fitting. When my friend was working on this I suggested she do another version where they are together, but after a couple years I decided that it would be a nice accompany piece. I like happen endings and even though they are both will cancel out in the end I wanted to show the sacrifice one will do for love with each of them kissing in this illsutration.


You can purchase the original “Sun Dude & Water Chick” on Society 6

As always I start my projects with paper and pencil, before taking it to the computer. I did this illustration entirely in Photoshop after I got the sketched that I liked. I created custom brushes for the fire within “Sun Dude”, the water inside “Water Chick”, the water in the ocean, and the steam. Not everything was entirely custom and I had a lot of help with the photoshop brushes provided by Kyle T. Webster. I had to go back to reference the original piece, so I can make sure I had the same atmosphere and mood. In the end both are completely different stylistically, but share the story.

joe baron illustration of love
Sketch of Sun Dude and Water Chick

I only created 2 prints, one was a giclee print that was given out and a 13″ x 19″ high quality print, which is actually mine. I decided that I could print my own version if I really want to as I do like how it came out, but I feel that this would be fitting in someone else’s home. I did not want to sell this, but I believe someone would really appreciate this print. You can purchase this art print here. Maybe I will print some smaller prints in the future, but as of right now this is the only one available.

Fire and water illustration
Art Print available for sale.


sun dude and water chick illustration print
Close up of Sun Dude and Waterchick

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