The End of Branded Baron Apparel

It’s the End of Branded Baron Apparel. Yes, you read that correctly. The apparel side of Branded Baron will cease to exist after Cyber Monday. Due to a recent career choice, it would be a conflict of interest, so any apparel design will be for that company. I have already been giving my all with that. So this weekend was a perfect time to have a sale on all the quality Branded Baron products. So make sure you use END80 at checkout for 80% OFF your entire order. Whether you want apparel, art prints, or even original art this discount is good for all of it.
While all the apparel will be gone, I will still continue to grow as a designer and artist who will continue to release prints and some other cool merch as well as digital design tools for other fellow creatives. I will continue to offer my creative services whether branding, illustration, graphic design, etc. as that has always been a major part Branded Baron and still is.

Thank you for all the support throughout the years. It means so much that others were able to appreciate my creativity that I released on various products. You all are awesome! It is the end of Branded Baron Apparel, but it’s not the end of Branded Baron.
Stay no less than stunningly fresh,
Joe Baron

The crying Jordan meme makes this image so much better.
The crying Jordan meme makes this image so much better.

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